What is a StarJump?
StarJump - a joyous expression of love, gratitude and celebration of our universe.

From Japan to Ireland and points throught the Americas, Diane's StarJumping ways are known world-wide. Whenever she meets someone and feels so touched and moved, she'll just stop and do a StarJump for joy. This always brings a smile to the person she is honoring with the StarJump. Her pure love of people; meeting them where they are in their journey and appreciating them for where they are, are what helps fuel her constant energy for StarJumps for joy.

Here is a story from someone who has experienced Diane's StarJumps firsthand...

"So Ms. Diane...at each mile marker along the way she did star jumps for us and took our picture! If we came across any cheerleaders she ran up to them and got them to chant mine/Don's names as we went by. I liked that and thought it was nice. All the pictures really document the journey and I'm looking forward to seeing them all and sharing them with you. she had so much energy along the way that it was very exciting and bubbling over to us I think. She had extra energy beans with her which were quite useful as well. She encouraged us to stay hydrated and along the way she said prayers for me and gave me positive energy. I just love her and learn so much from her when I'm with her. You have to be open to life when you're with Diane...for she sees more than most people do..and to share some of her blessings is a blessing in itself.- Don & Stephanie Workman - April 2009

If you are blessed to meet Diane, we can guarantee there is a StarJump of joy in your future!