Diane's Mission:

Life is a celebration! Life is about hope, too – never losing it, always sharing it and always daring to create it in other people. Nine years ago, Diane – now a single mother of three – first planted seeds of hope and transformed her own life by cycling 472 miles across Iowa in the state’s annual seven-day Ragbrai bicycle tour. Since then, the once shy Diane has participated at her own cost in numerous athletic events to help others, promote charitable causes and honor people with starjumps for joy.

Diane's mission continues...for the Summer of 2009 she plans to cycle more than 4,000 miles across America to raise awareness of the plight of battered women and to plant seeds of hope for families that have experienced domestic abuse.  Diane passionately believes that hope should never be out of reach for people in need.  Help these families celebrate life again.  Join Diane in breaking the cycle of abuse by creating a new cycle of "Love, Peace and Joy" a seed at a time.  Any one, in any place, at any time can plant seeds of hope that can grow and bloom into a bountiful loving harvest of healthy hearts and peaceful homes.

Goal: Help us reach our $25,000 goal and support Diane’s StarJumps for Joy Across America!

Jersey Battered Women's Service:

Please click the “jbws” logo below to visit our charity’s secure fundraising page and make a donation today towards our $25,000 goal!