About Diane
Diane Robertson is a Body-for-Life Champion and an activist working to stem the tide of domestic abuse. Her heart is as big as her smile. Her “StarJumps for Joy” fill a room with delight and put a smile on the face of everyone present. Diane believes in living life to the fullest and in capturing the essence and beauty of the people who surround her.

“Never give up on a dream!” says Diane. “People have the potential to excel in their own life, in their own way, and move from idle spectators to active participants in the life that surrounds all of us. By becoming a catalyst of positive change we can all contribute our own patch to the quilt of life, sewing our stories together with threads of love. Stitch by loving stitch we can connect the different fabrics of social status and use different colors to celebrate our diversity to create a quilt that can be handed down, offering hope for future generations.”

Diane spends a large part of her time volunteering for many ministries that are near and dear to her heart. She frequently travels far and wide to participate in athletic events that support those efforts – never once asking for recognition from others, but motivated by a pure love of God and servanthood.

“When we are bound together,” says Diane, “we are much stronger and hold wonderful stories of compassion, tolerance and goodwill towards each other. It is my hope that one day, angels may look down upon each of us with tears in their eyes at the success that we've had in making this a better world to live in. Peace, joy and love to all!”

Enjoy these photos of Diane at her best.