Travel Itinerary

Be a Host/Hostess for Diane along her journey. You can help out by volunteering for the following:

  • Gathering a cheering section to meet up with Diane's group at the rest location.
  • Contact the local media about the group ride-through your area. We have press releases available.
  • Let us ship some supplies to you to help restock Diane during her journey.
  • Offer a warm bed and hot shower.
  • Drive her gear ahead to the next rest stop location. This would help tremendously.
  • Take pictures and email to us.

Any of these ways to help Diane on her journey would be very much appreciated! Contact Stephanie for more information.

Bike Across America Schedule  

 Day      From  To  Miles Rest Stop      Host Sponsor  
 6/7/2009 Bellingham Airport          Bellingham, WA       0 Private Home - Lara Beulow, 2315 Hentry Street                  
 6/8/2009 Bellingham, WA
Concrete, WA  46.1  Fanatak Bike shop - 2025 James Street

Eagle's Nest Motel & RV Park
 6/9/2009     Concrete, WA      Diablo Lake, WA  40.6  Colonial Creek Campground  
 6/10/2009 Diablo Lake, WA  Washington Pass, WA  47  Early Winters Campground  
 6/11/2009 Washington Pass, WA  Okanogan, WA  57.8  Okanogan County Fairgrounds Campgroud  
 6/12/2009 Okanogan, WA  Republic, WA  66  Prospector Inn - 979 South Clark Republic  
 6/13/2009 Republic Rest Day         
 6/14/2009 Republic, WA  Colville, WA  52  Northeast Washington Fairgrounds  
 6/15/2009 Colville, WA  Usk, WA  71  Shookum Creek Campground  
 6/16/2009 Usk, WA  Sandpoint, ID  61 Spring Point Campground Tracy Jeffries & family -cheering section       
 6/17/2009 Sandpoint, ID  Bull Lake, MT  80
Dorr Skeels Campground

Bull Lake Guest Ranch & Campground
 6/18/2009 Bull Lake, MT  Rocky Gorge CG, MT  69  Rocky Gorge Campground  
 6/19/2009 Rocky Gorge CG, MT      Fortine, MT  55  North Dickey Lake Campground Pam Kennedy-supplies
 6/20/2009 Fortine, MT
Whitefish, MT  36.7  Motel or Private Residence Pam Kennedy-supplies & riding with Diane and providing driver for gear
 6/21/2009 Rest Day                                 
 6/22/2009 Whitefish, MT Lake McDonald, MT 50 Sprague Creek Campground  
 6/23/2009 Lake McDonald, MT Babb, MT 41 Chief Mountain Junction  
 6/24/2009 Babb, MT Cardston, ALB 56 Lee Creek Campground  
 6/25/2009 Cardston, ALB   Cut Bank, MT 73 Shady Grove RV Park & Campground

Riverview Campground
 6/26/2009 Cut Bank, MT Chester, MT 74 City Park - 2nd & Jefferson
 6/27/2009 Chester, MT Havre, MT 61 Great Northern Fair & Campground  Pam Kennedy- driving gear
 6/28/2009 Havre, MT Malta, MT 90 Edgewater Inn & Campground  
 6/29/2009 Malta, MT Glasgow, MT 72 Trails West Campground  
 6/30/2009 Glasgow, MT Wolf Point, MT 56 Rancho Motel & Campground

Sherman Motor Inn
 7/1/2009 Rest Day
 7/2/2009 Wolf Point, MT Culbertson, MT 57 Diamond Coulee RV & Trailer Park  
 7/3/2009 Culbertson, MT Lake Sakakawea, ND 67 Lewis & Clark State Park  
 7/4/2009 Lake Sakakawea, ND Parshall, ND 66 North City Park at Rock Museum  
 7/5/2009 Parshall, ND Garrison, ND 69 Fort Stevenson State Park - 3 mi South of Garrison on Lake Audubon  
 7/6/2009 Garrison, ND Washburn, ND 53 Riverside City Park

Cross Ranch State Park - 7 mi SE on W side of river
 7/7/2009 Washburn, ND Badger Creek, ND 67 Badger Creek Recreation Area  
 7/8/2009 Badger Creek, ND Pollock, SD 56 Lakeview Motel & Campground  
 7/9/2009 Pollock, SD Akaska, SD 72 D & S Campground  
 7/10/2009 Akaska, SD Pierre, SD 82 Governor's Inn - 700 W Sious Ave  
 7/11/2009 Rest Day
 7/12/2009 Pierre, SD Chamberlain, SD 81 American Creek Campground  
 7/13/2009 Chamberlain, SD Burke, SD 61 Burke Campground - W of town jct 7th St & unsigned Co rd

Burke Lake Recreation Area - 1.5mi E off route
 7/14/2009 Burke, SD Springfield, SD 96 Sprinfield Recreation Area  
 7/15/2009 Springfield, SD Vermillion, SD 70 Lion's Campground located near armory  
 7/16/2009 Vermillion, SD Onawa, IA 89 Blue Lake KOA  
 7/17/2009 Onawa, IA Council Bluffs, IA 65 Lake Manawa State Park - 4.9 mi W on Omaha Bridge Rd  
 7/18/2009 Rest Day    
 7/19/2009 Council Bluffs, IA Red Oak, IA 52.6 RAGBRAI            Will probably camp each night unless we find host- subject to change
 7/20/2009 Red Oak, IA Greenfield, IA 72.6 RAGBRAI  
 7/21/2009 Greenfield, IA Indianola, IA 77.1 RAGBRAI  
 7/22/2009 Indianola, IA Chariton, IA 44.4 RAGBRAI  
 7/23/2009 Chariton, IA Ottumwa, IA 76.9 RAGBRAI  
 7/24/2009 Ottumwa, IA Mt. Pleasant, IA 75.5 RAGBRAI  
 7/25/2009 Mt. Pleasant, IA Burlington, IA 43.2 RAGBRAI  
 7/26/2009 Burlington, IA Muscatine, IA 48.4 Comfort Inn
Fairfield Inn
 7/27/2009 Rest Day        
 7/28/2009 Muscatine, IA Kewanee, IL 74 Francis Campground - 4mi E of city on rt 34

Super 8
 Connie Otto-providing nights stay
 7/29/2009 Kewanee, IL Cornell, IL 80 Bayou Bluffs Campground - 2.4mi S on CR 950E  
 7/30/2009 Cornell, IL Iroquois, IL 82 Iroquois Campground  
 7/31/2009 Iroquois, IL Buffalo, IN 52 Tall Oaks Campground - 1mi N on CR650E then 1.5E on CR1000N  
 8/1/2009 Buffalo, IN Salamonie River, IN 70 Salamonie river State Forest - 4mi E Largo  
 8/2/2009     Salamonie River, IN Monroeville, IN 56 City Park  
 8/3/2009 Monroeville, IN Grand Rapids, OH 75 Mary Jane Thurston State Park  
 8/4/2009 Grand Rapids, OH Avery, OH 76 Milan Trav-L Park - .4 mi S on Sandusky-Norwalk Rd/US250  
 8/5/2009 Avery, OH Bay Village(Cleveland) OH 40 Holiday Inn
Red Roof Inn
 8/6/2009 Bay Village, OH Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH 69 Geneva State Park - w of town

Audubon Lakes Campground
 8/7/2009 Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH Barcelona, NY 83 Westfield Lake Erie KOA John Brooks - driving gear rest of way
Route for the last 10 days are being determined Diane must seperate from the group to complete the ride before kids go back to school


















Jersey Battered Women's Service:

Please click the “jbws” logo below to visit our charity’s secure fundraising page and make a donation today towards our $25,000 goal!


Cycle Across America:

Diane’s supplying the pedal power but she needs help to finance her minimal needs and expenses for the 10-week trek. If she didn’t have to ask for help, she wouldn’t. Over the years, she has financed her charitable activities on her own. But a trip of this magnitude is beyond her means. Please click below to make a donation or visit our Donate page.